SharkID/Adopt a shark

Shark ID

    Here at One Ocean Research and Diving we use non-invasive research techniques such as photo identification (or photo ID ) to collect data on specific sharks and get to know them on an individual level. This method significantly reduces the need for tagging to assess site fidelity and assists in maintaining the accuracy of survey counts conducted daily. Our photo ID program utilizes high-resolution photos of the top, left and right side of the animal to detect the presence of distinguishing scars, markings, and unique features to recognize individual sharks and document them over time. We currently have over 200 individually documented shark of different species cataloged which is used in comparing time/seasonal movements, distinguishing behaviors, and status of dominance amongst individuals.  

    Each shark has it’s own unique disposition or behavioral tendency, and we love introducing our guests to the members of our semi-residential pelagic community. We aim to engage others with our photo ID program, offering the opportunity to adopt one of the real-life actual sharks surveyed by our program! Guests on our tours also have the opportunity to name a shark they encounter on their dive if they capture and submit photos of the top, left and right side of the animal. If the shark has long term distinguishing features and has not been ID’d yet you will get to name the shark! Participants, as well as others interested, can stay up to date with the shark they have adopted via social media. @OneOceanSharks on Instagram highlights recently re-sighted individuals and introduces some of the most commonly encountered sharks we see on our dives. 


Contribute Photos

Want to contribute to our shark ID database? Email us photos, the time and place of sighting off Hawaiian waters at ATTN: Shark ID.