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    Sharks represent one of the most threatened forms of marine life on the planet. Globally populations have declined overall by approximately 90%, and if we continue on the current path many species will go extinct within our lifetime. As apex predators sharks play a key role in maintaining the health, biodiversity, and productivity of the ocean which is an environment that produces up to 70% of the oxygen we breathe. Healthy oceans cannot exist without sharks, and as humans, we depend on the ocean for survival in many different ways. One of the biggest things you can do to help is taking action in your daily life to be a conscious consumer. Know exactly what you’re supporting with your purchases and make the choice not to support industries and products that negatively impact the environment. These actions may seem small but can add up to make a tremendous collective impact. Take action and get involved, there are a number of things you can do to help save sharks and the ocean. 

-Eat less seafood and support sustainable fisheries rather than commercial sources 

-Don’t support businesses that sell shark or shark derived products which can take many forms: Shark meat, cartilage, liver oil or squalene, shark fin soup, shark leather, teeth/jaws, and pet products. 

-Get involved with and support organizations that actively work towards protections for sharks and shark fin bans.

-Ask your local and state government to ban the right to fish for sharks recreationally and commercially, as well as to ban the selling and shipping of sharks, shark products and their fins.

-Speak up for sharks! If your country is being represented at important policy-making events such as CITES, IUCN, or conservation conventions ensure you are being accurately represented by your leaders. Reach out to them and show your support for further protection of shark species and demand conservation initiatives to be put in place. 

-Sign a petition, your voice matters!  

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