An overview of our current efforts

Reef & Beach Clean up @OneOceanCOnservation

A reef and beach clean up sponsored by One Ocean Diving on the east side of Oahu.

We host a reef and beach clean up every month on the island of Oahu.  The cleanups are usually the 1st Saturday of the month. Check out One Ocean Conservation instagram for more info.

Educational Outreach @OneOceanEducation

Ocean Ramsey and Juan Oliphant giving  speaking at schools in Hawaii about sharks

Inspiring the next generation of kids is so important for the survival of sharks.  Contact us to speak at your school.  

Adopt a Shark @OneOceanSharks

Great white shark photographed by Juan Oliphant during a dive with One Ocean Diving crew.

Adopt a shark and help support our research division with our Shark Id program. The adopt also comes with a stuff animal toy shark that we hand out at our educational outreaches 

HelpSaveSharks.Org Letters for Stores/Restaurants selling shark products

A campaign to help save sharks in Australia filmed on Mano Kai during a dive with One Ocean Diving

We have pre drafted letters that you can hand out

Fashion & Art for Awareness @OneOceanDesigns

One Ocean Diving and crew only provide reef-safe sunscreen for the pelagic shark tours

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Global Ambassadors @OneOceanGlobal

Ocean Ramsey and friends helping at a reef and beach clean up on the west side of Oahu.

Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

Submit your Video to win a free trip

Juan Oliphant photographing a school of sandbar sharks during a shark dive at One Ocean Diving

Use the hashtag "#oneoceanvideo" challenge when you post a video made from photo-age during a charter with one ocean diving or any  marine conservation initiative. If your video is chosen you win a free trip out with us, valueed up to $150.

Call to Action. HelpSaveSharks #Hashtag Take over

One Ocean Diving promoting a whale shark wetsuit that donates back to the protection of sharks

Hashtags help spread conservation  messages across social media and make it easier to follow and collaborate on initiatives for conservation. Take a look at our favorites and trending hashtags for conservation

Marine Life entanglement surveys

This is an image of a Tiger shark named Roxy in our field ID program.

Pictured here is Tiger Shark ID "Roxy".

Juan helped save Roxy from a large net and Ocean has helped to remove fishing line from Roxy. Learn more about marine entanglement and what you can do to help marine life.

Support the bill to Protect sharks in Hawaii, Letter to start your own in another area.

Areas of the USA that still allow for the importing and exporting of shark fins

Hawaii was the 1st state to make it illegal to have or ship shark fins. We are now working on bill to make it illegal to kill sharks for any reason in Hawaii.  Sharks are toxic for human consumption and they are so important to the health of the marine ecosystem that we need them alive.. Learn how to help! 

Ten Ways you can #HelpSaveSharks and #SaveTheOcean

Ocean Ramsey on a One Ocean Diving Charter talking about ways you can help save sharks

10 simple things that you can do right now to help shave sharks and our ocean. Click Now!

About our research methods @OneOceanResearch

Juan Oliphant documenting sharks for the shark ID program at One Ocean Diving and Research

One Ocean Research uses non-invasive methods to collect data on the sharks we see. To learn more about our field IDs using photos and our data set click here.


What you should Know about sharks

Want to be really prepared for your experience at One Ocean Diving? Or if you've been diving with One Ocean Diving and want to lean more or share that information with friends then check out Oceans Ramsey's new book on Shark Language, Social behavior, Human interactions, and Life saving information. "  This is must read for anyone that likes sharks.  Now available through Amazon.Com in full color with images by @JuanSharks Juan Oliphant.  You can also call to order your signed copy to pick up in person if you're planning to come dive with sharks in Hawaii soon. 

More information on @OneOceanSharks Shark ID program and specific sharks available at OneOceanResearch.Org or OneOceanSharks.Com