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Check out the trailer to our full length documentary about Juansharks, Ocean Ramsey, and One Ocean Diving's efforts to help save sharks and the ocean. Now available on iTunes and Amazon Prime Video and Google Play. 

Shark dive no cage Haleiwa

Video experience by Lost  LeBlanc during a One Ocean Divings shark dive in Hawaii


Meet Roxy

This is a video of one of the famous tiger sharks at one ocean diving.. Juan sharks has removed nets and fishing gear from Roxy through out his

 years of swimming with sharks in Hawaii.

Cage free shark swim

No cages needed for a shark dive in Hawaii with One Ocean Diving. Huge Galapagos sharks, sand bar sharks, and even a tiger shark if your lucky.

The Inertia One Ocean

Swimming with sharks, shark research, shark conservation, and more with One Ocean Diving and Ocean Ramsey and the Inertia Media Team. 

Ocean Ramsey and One Ocean

filmed by Juan Oliphant @juansharks for Uprox, on the importance of sharks to the health of our ocean's ecosystem.

Shark Diving In Hawaii with One Ocean Diving

Amazing deep Hawaiian Blue water, beautiful sharks and fish and happy people out with One Ocean Diving and Research.